Frequently Asked Questions

What are fat burners and how do they work?

Fat burners are dietary supplements that, as their name suggests, help burn fat and fight against the accumulation thereof by mobilising it to turn it into energy. Fat burners encourage faster weight loss.

How and at what time of the day should you take them for maximum effectiveness?

We recommend taking 1 capsule 30 minutes before each meal, which equates to 3 capsules a day. However, if you want to consume Fitburner + to improve your physical performance, we advise that you take the capsules before your workout. Whatever the case, taking Fitburner + must always be accompanied by a varied and balanced diet.

For how long should I use this product?

It depends on the individual and their goals. However, it is important not to keep taking Fitburner + if you notice the appearance of any side effects. The fat-burning products have been designed for use for about a month. Once you have taken Fitburner + for 4 weeks, it is recommended that you take a break of 4 to 8 weeks before starting again. This allows the body time to rebalance.

Is Fitburner + suitable for anybody?

Before taking any dietary supplement it is essential to know your health status and consult a doctor if necessary.

Fitburner + is suitable for all but there are some important contraindications. Fitburner + is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, nor for those undergoing anticoagulant therapy, suffering from hypertension, thyroid or cardiovascular problems, nor people under 18 years of age.

Which type of diet should I follow to get the fastest results?

It should be emphasised that fat burners, like any other type of supplement, are not magic solutions. That is to say they will not achieve any results if you do not follow a good diet plan. In fact, the use of these products is perfectly suited to a change of eating habit, not just to a set time period for consumption.
In general, we recommend regulating carbohydrate consumption and a high protein diet in addition to a large consumption of water.

If I take Fitburner + for several months, will I notice an opposite effect when I stop taking it?

An opposite effect can not be ruled out completely, but everything depends on the dose that is consumed. It is important not to consume a larger than recommended dose of Fitburner + with the purpose of being able to eat more as this will probably create weight gain when you stop consuming the product.

Is there a type of person for which Fitburner + works more effectively?

The effectiveness of Fitburner + is greater in people who practise sports regularly, since its main purpose is to increase the effect of sport on our metabolism by increasing the energy expended and preventing the formation of fat.

When will I notice the effects of Fitburner+ ?

We can not say exactly how long it will take to notice the effects of Fitburner + as it depends on the individual, their diet, their activity levels and their goals. However, it is essential not to keep taking Fitburner + if any side effects occur. In general, when coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise, taking Fitburner + can help you lose an extra 0.5kg a week.

Can I continue drinking coffee while taking Fitburner+ ?

We recommend curbing caffeine intake while taking Fitburner + to avoid possible side effects.

Does Fitburner + have side effects?

If the recommendations for taking Fitburner + are followed, no adverse effects should occur. However, in people with cardiovascular problems, Fitburner + could increase blood pressure and exacerbate tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmia. If the recommended doses are exceeded, other side effects such as insomnia, headache or nausea may occur.

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